We help accelerate innovation and help deliver outcomes.

Innovation doesn’t happen through innovation theatre.
It happens by design: by creating agile organizations, instituting an innovation management system, deliberating business design, instilling a design-driven culture, fostering intrapreneurship and co-innovating with the world at large.
Innovative organizations have future-happier employees,
satisfied customers and contribute to shaping a better world
on a sustained basis.
Let’s accelerate your innovation journey!
Our hands-on design-driven innovation approach has been helping businesses find creative solutions to tough business problems, solutions that are not just right but are also desirable.

QGLUE, along with its parent company QAI has a rich history of

years of
worked in countries
conducted projects
& trainings


Develop into the fundamentals of design thinking through 16 hours of live virtual workshop + 6 weeks of post-workshop mentored learning. Our seasoned design coaches will demonstrate how to apply designing thinking learnings to real-world problems and drive real business impact.

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Learn to become a Trendspotter! We’ve partnered with TrendWatching (one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms) to bring the relentlessly successful Trend Driven Innovation Certification program to India for the first time ever. Learn the counterintuitive secret to anticipating what consumers will want next and drive impactful innovations.

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Learn to become a Trendspotter! We’ve partnered with TrendWatching (one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms) to bring the relentlessly successful Trend Driven Innovation Certification program to India for the first time ever. Learn the counterintuitive secret to anticipating what consumers will want next and drive impactful innovations.

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Learn to spot trends and take your business to next level!
Do you and your team have the superpower to identify trends and innovate solutions before your consumers knows it? Get introduced to the essence of trend spotting and the Trend-Driven Innovation methodology.

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The TrendWatching – QGLUE report provides a snapshot of consumer trends and a round-up of the 15 best innovations from the Indian market. Explore powerful observations that were crowdsourced by the participants of the Trend-Driven Innovation Program.

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Join us at Solve For X, where we draw from the best practices of design thinking to find innovative solutions for business challenges. This is a great opportunity to work closely with our seasoned QGLUE design thinking coaches and get all the support, guidance and tools you need to create great results in less than 200 minutes.

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We organised an exciting session with multiple L&D teams coming together and collaborating using design thinking techniques to reframe problems, tackle key business challenges and devise effective solutions for training and workforce development.

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Introducing the “Online Curriculum for Corporate Innovation”, a virtual education series to accelerate design thinking and innovation for enterprise customers. Know about the latest practical innovation topics to upskill your workforce and build a culture of innovation.

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Has your business been disturbed by COVID-19? QGLUE can help you with a live virtual, assisted intense workout session, designed to formulate an action plan and position your business in the new normal.
Email: rapidresponse@q-glue.com for a walkthrough of the workout.

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“We conducted a masterclass session on ‘Designing a World-class Intrapreneurship Program to Accelerate Innovation’ at Nasscom Design and Engineering Summit 2020. We explored world-class methods to get employees to think and behave like entrepreneurs, and participate in a virtual workout to design a journey for intrapreneurship.”

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Is your organization innovation ready? QGLUE can help you determine the maturity level of your organization including the innovation management capabilities, identifying gaps, and suggesting actions to address these gaps. You will receive a “scorecard”, with consolidated findings from the assessment across each focus area, and suggestions to make strategic level decisions in the organization for the way forward.

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We collaborated with MIT ID Innovation Programme for their virtual Innovation Gradshow 2020, a great initiative to inspire rising innovators and keep the creative zen flowing into the most transformative journeys ahead. Our very own QGLUE innovators David P. Isaac and Dhananjay Thakur hosted the Experiential Design Thinking Workshop for the MIT ID Foundation Cohort and the Innovators Class of 2021.

QGLUE has partnered with Supply Chain Labs, by Lumis to launch the Healthcare & Pharma Supply Chain Innovation Forum, and help healthcare and pharma companies optimize their supply chain for the post Covid-19 and establish world.

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Join our Global Sprint Chapter in Bangalore and earn the opportunity to network with local Design Sprint facilitators, attend talks on a wide range of sprint topics and learn new skills through workshops and presentations!

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Our primary offerings revolve what we define as the three pillars of innovation.


Customised learning modules in a “learning by
doing” approach to develop design thinking and
innovation culture in organisations.
A curated catalogue of programs, equip your organization’s workforce with the requisite skills, helps shape their mindset and makes them proficient across all phases of the innovation journey.

29-30 Jan'21
26-27 Feb'21 | 9:30AM - 5:30PM

18 Feb -25 Feb-04 March'21
3 Sessions | 3-4 hour each Thursday

06 Feb'21
9:30AM - 5:30PM

Look out for new dates

Look out for new dates

Look out for new dates


Use design thinking and innovation tools to transform
business strategy, build innovation culture, and imbibe innovation practices across your organization.
We work with you to help establish, setup, and
streamline the infrastructure, processes, and culture
to enable your organisation to increase the innovate
better and faster.


See business value of design in solving your business challenges, and experience the power of creating
innovative products and services.
Through intense sprints and workouts we help you
innovate and build solutions that are not just being
feasible, but are viable for your business and desirable
to your customers.




Creating an ecosystem for innovation to flourish, and inspire us. (a bit on QAI philosophy and its past)
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Innovation is hard. Working together with some of the best in the industry, we co-create value by sharing resources, expertise and competencies to meet global challenges and in creating long-lasting impact.
Design Sprint Academy
Luma Institute
Academy For Corporate Entrepreneurship – Afce


The initiative seeks to recognize and reward entrepreneurial ventures that are driven by design, that enforce “human-centred” approach to shaping their business, one which is the need of the hour in this experience economy.
The TiE QGLUE Design-Led entrepreneurship is the first award of its kind in the country.



Compendium of Tools, methods, and other resources to help you in your innovation journey during our programmes and after.


Tune in to industry thought-leaders as they share actionable insights, uncommon inspiration and powerful strategies you can apply Monday morning, to transform your innovation journey.

A-Z of Corporate Innovation

With Vijay Rajendran, Head of Corporate Innovation, Ecosystems Group at 500 Startups

Remote Design Thinking:
How to Make Virtual Problem
Solving Work

With Adam Billing , Founder at Treehouse Innovation and Sprintbase, London
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