Brittany is the co-founder and managing director at Design Thinking Japan and specializes in human-centered design strategy to drive innovation and customer value. Brittany brings a unique global best practice perspective to create a local impact in Japan. In addition, Brittany is the co-founder and host of the world’s only bi-lingual (JP & ENG) business and innovation podcast, Business Karaoke.

Brittany leads business innovation in Japan, specializing in Human-centered design principles in Japanese. She also serves on the met.conecta board of directors as an advisor for strategic partnerships. She is also the founder of the ToYoko Design Thinking Network, the only bilingual, English-Japanese, innovation Meetup.

In addition to studying at the HPI d.at School, she holds a Bachelor of Business (International Business) and a Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) degree. She is a keynote speaker and awarded contributions to commercial and not-for-profit associations’ innovations. Brittany is also MURAL’s registered expert in Japan.