KPIs for everyone or getting UX/Design/Dev and the Business Unit to speak the same language


In a Design-Led business, the Customer’s interests and needs comes first. But in order to move swiftly from discovering customer needs through producing a feature to be tested and marketable, everyone needs to agree that this is both worth the technical debt and has value that can be measured. Getting the business groups to talk to the design and development groups in a common language is often where innovation hits a bottleneck.
This webinar is directed for anyone on either side of the table to find a way to meet and agree on how to define a KPI (key performance indicator), starting as early as in the UX/Design phase, with practical ideas on how to come to agreement on what is of value to a Design-Led business that uses Design Thinking to guide their culture and their work.

Meet Your Speaker

Dean Meyers, Faculty at the American Management Association & Strategy, Design Thinking, & Innovation Design Consultant, NY, USA & 2019 Mentor for the TiE QGLUE Design-Led Entrepreneurship Awards, 2019!

Dean Meyers is a visual problem-solver, designer of strategic planning and innovation, and teacher and trainer of applied design thinking for technology from startups to enterprise-level systems. Dean uses graphic recording, graphic facilitation and other forms of visual communication to help people apply visual thinking in their work, learning, and personal improvement. He is the publisher of VizWorld.com and founder of Visual Thinker’s Way. His clients come from manufacturing, healthcare, industry and government. Wherever disruptive technology is making old ways of working obsolete, he has helped his clients find new approaches to improve their skills and discover new ways to apply design thinking to strategy, marketing and production. His motto is, “Be Brave and Iterate!”

Brought To You By The TiE QGLUE Design-Led Entrepreneurship Awards, Delhi NCR – 2019!


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