Design Thinking Blog

What is the Business Value of Design Thinking?

QGLUE | May 06, 2022
Design thinking for business is a way of applying or designing new products based on human-centered philosophy. It is a method of designing, that focuses more on the solutions and accordingly reflects upon the issues.

What is Customer Journey Map?

QGLUE | June 24, 2022
Customer Journey Map is a powerful technique for understanding your customer’s needs, their hesitations and concerns, their tangible actions and assumptions and what motivates them the most. Data alone fall short to communicate the customer’s frustrations and experiences, but a story can do that.

Why create Customer Journey Map?

QGLUE | June 24, 2022
Creating a customer journey map that includes all of the customer touchpoints a shopper interacts with on the way to making a purchase is vital for any business to optimize its sales and marketing processes. The objective of developing a customer journey map example is to have a visual idea of customers’ experience.
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