And continuous engagement and instruction for
4-6 weeks thereafter.

About This Course

Design Thinking is a process to help us prototype, create and innovate. Design Thinking helps shift mindsets: From a consumers mindset to a producers mindset. From an accepting mindset to a questioning mindset. From a passive mindset to an active and empowered mindset.

It is a method of problem-solving wherein the data collected is expressed visually in order to create new strategies, ways and methods to solve problems, create opportunities or strengthen weaknesses.

Workshop Benefits

Emerging decision makers build their expertise in this workshop with specific design tools and methods as well as understand the end to end human centered framework.

Uncover opportunities and hidden potential in your organization.

Learn the framework that helps build ecosystems.

Align various stakeholders and leaders towards a single purpose.

Create a culture of design and empathy in your organization.

Create real business impact over sustained periods of time.

Understand tools and techniques that are shaping the world today.

Post Workshop Project

Post Workshop Project – Applying & implementing the learnings in a real world scenario

To further reinforce and implement their learning’s, participants work on a real world business problem under the mentorship of a QGLUE Design Coach.

This will be made possible via Skype/Conference calls and regular follow ups, in a period of 4-6 weeks post the workshop.

The participants will undergo the following stages:

Identify and Review the real world problem statement

The participants in conjunction with the Design Coach identify a real-world, complex problem and work through the identified Problem, reframe as necessary and elevate the problem to represent human needs beyond the technological or business needs.

Field Research and Synthesis

The team goes on the field and learns about user motivations, concerns, inhibitions and needs.The Design Coach reviews the approach and offers methods to extract insights from realms of data collected.

Ideating and Building Customer Journeys

Ideation is a change of mindset, judgment free thinking, responding and a sense of collaboration with other participants.It is essential we see solutions in the form of journeys. This allows for a broader canvas and a holistic view and allows for comparison between what is and what should be.

The 3 P’s – Prioritisation, Prototyping & Presentation

Creativity and holistic thinking allows for lofty ideals and ideas, it is essential these are prioritised, prototyped and tested on the practicality of implementation.Present findings and solutions to the Design Coach.

Receive QAI | QGLUE Certificate on successful completion

Feedback From Participants

“A great exercise to unlock new opportunities! The discovery and ideation phase clearly helped in better understanding and articulation of pain points.”

– Microsoft

“The strength of the workshop is keeping participants focused and driving on the same path together with different mindsets.”

– Renault

“The storytelling approach and the ability of the trainer to walk us in a virtual story of the solution to transform from complexity to simplicity.”

– First Data

“The facilitator is the best part about the Design Thinking Bootcamp Workshop. His knowledge and excellent delivery lead to value-driven learning.”

– Soprasteria

“Very insightful workshop. Learnt a lot of new things. The examples and use-cases shared during the DT Workshop were quite relevant to the content.”

– Mercer

“An extremely user-centric workshop with an approachable, friendly and supportive trainer. The content was relevant for me with pratical exercises.”

– First Data

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