Decoding Customers: Through the Lens of Ethnography & Design Research


How do we get into the mind of the customer? How do we understand why they do, what they do? Is there a way of decoding this?

In this detailed live webinar, we investigate and understand the need of immersions, which employ tools from Ethnography and Design Research. We also look at how these immersions can generate empathy and insights, as well as new ways of seeing.

This webinar will give us a flavour of how man-made culture can be decoded and how that influences behaviour. This in turn leads us to better understanding of, and a better strategy for, our end-users.

The webinar will help the participants to:

• Appreciate the process of immersive and visual research

• Re-look at the customer with new eyes and empathy

• Understand the synergies between Design thinking and Design Research

• Look at how decoding the customer can accelerate innovation and create differentiation for the organization

About Speaker

Anubha Kakroo Principal Design Coach, QGLUE

Anubha comes with around 20 years of rich experience in design consultancy, design strategy, brand consultancy, and cultural insights to decode markets and enhance stakeholder value. Formerly, Director: Design and Cultural Insights at Future Brands India Ltd. where her work involved using Design as a proto- resource for Cultural Mapping and Insights to make sense of the Indian People and the Indian Markets. Her work included unravelling the culture that is India, how is it changing, and what that means in the current economic scenario for businesses already established in India. She was also the Senior Brand Consultant for DMA Branding and is currently the Dean, Indian Institute of Art and Design. Her education includes Design Management, Strategy (Design & Marketing), Innovation & Branding at Brunel University, London.

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