A framework for crafting futures
Design fiction helps you craft possible futures by
creating speculative, and often provocative,
scenarios narrated through designed artifacts.
The primer will introduce you to the essence of design fiction and its methodology.
The 1st ever structured Design Fiction program is here
The perfect innovation strategy to enables you in

Moonshot Ideas

Identify new trends
in your industry

Constantly look
forward to adapt

Engage and train
your employees

Interact with
innovative companies

Find new

5-step methodology to go from imagination to innovation strategy
Schoolab Partners with QGLUE for India!
Schoolab is an Innovation Studio. Since 14 years, we’ve been building a unique ecosystem to support transformation
of organisation, from startups to multinationals, to accelerate their innovation project.
At Schoolab, we build, design and launch new product, services and innovation labs, for any organisations, from
universities to private/public actors to innovate better and faster.
years experiencing Design Thinking & Lean Startup
countries where
we operate
alumnis trained
corporate innovation
protect initiated and
Trusted by Companies
Are you ready to equip your team to innovate better and faster? We offer a facilitator led online program exclusively for your team. Contact us to grab a special pricing on the “corporate package”.
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