Design Thinking is not about solving design problems.
It is about solving business problems with the design process.
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Program Overview

Get to experience the power of design thinking through the hands on training session followed by the action learning project were you further develop the creative muscle by applying the learning to frame and solve your problem
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Key Highlights

QGLUE Design Thinking Program
13 Live
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
11 Team
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
4 Mentoring
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
Live Capstone
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
QGLUE Design
Thinking Playbook
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
Online Skill
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
16 Hours
Live Learning
QGLUE Design Thinking Program
Global Team
Expert Instructors
Program Curriculum
What is Design Thinking and its Importance
Importance of design in today’s economy; design thinking fundamentals & principles; what is meant by an “experience”.
Framing the Problem Statement
Techniques to identify and write the right problem statement.
Understanding Stakeholders and Users
Business goals and priorities, vision statement; techniques to understand the behavior of consumers. .
Personas, Empathy Maps
Deriving insights, segmentation, and techniques to create user persona and empathy. .
Current Scenarios to Identify Pain Points
Current journeys of personas and prioritization of focus areas.
Ideation and Voting
Techniques to identify and write the right problem statement.
Deriving Goals from Ideas
Identify business goals through prioritization techniques.
The goals of prototyping; designing prototypes.
Present your final concept to the group.
Program Takeaways

Benefits for attendees

  • Generate solutions and insights for your challenge.
  • Develop a creative mindset to innovate and problem solving.
  • Get a repository of skills and tools for design thinking.
  • Benefits to nominating organizations

  • Create a culture of design and empathy in your organization.
  • Align various stakeholders and leaders towards a single purpose.
  • Standardize a common language for creative problem-solving.
  • You will also receive
    the QGLUE Design
    Thinker’s Playbook

    The QGLUE Design Thinker’s Playbook captures some of the most powerful design thinking fundamentals and innovative tools. Each tool is meticulously displayed on a separate page and can be used as a template.
    Design Thinking playbook
    The QGLUE Design Thinking Program Is Based On:
    Researchers at QGLUE have created a framework to assess individual skills and mindset and deliver to them a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities in the sphere of Design Thinking.

    The Unique QGLUE Post Program Capability Assessment

    The QGLUE Capability Assessment is based on the Design Thinking Competency Framework.. All participants are provided with a post-class assessment on 8 design thinking competencies and 25 skill areas. The assessment consists of 40 questions and requires a pass mark of 75% for an individual to successfully secure the Design Thinking proficiency certificate.

    Post Training: Action Learning Project Through Capstone Project

    Frame And Solve Your Solution
    This 2-day design thinking training session is followed by an Action Learning Project where you apply the learnings to a real world scenario. We will regularly follow up with participants over 4-6 weeks post the program.
  • The action learning projects starts with the formation of groups and deciding on a problem statement. The design thinking training participants then explore the Toolkit that elaborates on the tools used through the process of problem solving.
  • 1:1 coaching session of the participant and their respective groups with the design coach to understand the phases, tools and the design discovery path for the problem at hand.
  • The Design Story Day at QGLUE is a celebratory event to unveil Design Learnings. The participants are encouraged to share their journeys and propose solutions to the QGLUE Community.
  • A Sneak Peek:
    Action Learning Projects Undertaken by Previous Participants
    Receive The Acclaimed QGLUE Design Thinking Certification
    CPDT certificate
    CPDT Certificate practitioner

    Let’s Get
    You Design Doing !

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    For Bespoke Custom Training In Design Thinking Certification Program
    Deliverd in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Hindi and many more


    Our Clients

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    Frequently asked questions:

    A process of creative problem solving which helps one in creating human-centered products, services and processes. It not only helps one to solve the problem but also helps one in identifying the right problem and empathising with their consumer.

    1. We offer you an experiential course wherein you would get the opportunity to implement your learning through a real-world business problem because often with Design Thinking one of the major obstacles faced is during implementations.

    2. Our trainers are not just design thinking practitioners, they also bring with them vast amounts of experience spanning different sectors and markets.

    3. We offer you a set of the most powerful design thinking tools from a plethora of tools available in the world today, to help you solve problems in a simple way which otherwise look complex and multifaceted.

    This is a two-step certification program:

    Step 1
    Certification of workshop completion:
    After attending the 2-day workshop.

    Step 2
    Certification of project completion:
    The second is a certification of completion, given after fulfillment of D.Learn, which is the post-workshop engagement project. For more details, please download our brochure.

    The batch size ranges from 15-20 participants. This is for a more personalized experience “so that” more time & attention is given to each participant.
    It is neither, it is a discipline that teaches you to integrate Businesses, People and technology, for solving any complex problem or situation that has a human touch point.

    1. Helps you create not just good solutions, it enables you to create desirable solutions.

    2. Equips you with skills to solve difficult problems in a creative and simple way using a formalized framework which otherwise looks very complex.

    3. There is a plethora of design thinking tools and techniques available which could prove to be overwhelming for a design thinker. We offer you a set of 36 most powerful methods that could be combined depending on your need and the complexity of the situation to produce effective and human-centric solutions.

    There are no eligibility criteria for the workshop, thus people from all backgrounds and designations attend the workshop.

    1. Helps you create not just good solutions, It also creates desirable solutions, that are implementable.

    2. Equips you with the skills to solve difficult problems in a creative and simple way using a formalized framework.

    3. Helps you identify the correct problem and the underlying questions, segregate them and address them individually to find better solutions that are desirable.
    Design thinking courses only offer theoretical knowledge, whereas here we do things practically. Learning by doing, which is guided by our design thinking mentors in the 6-week, D.learn project.

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    Book a Table. Bring along a Team and a Business Challenge. 
    Attend Design Thinking Masterclasses. Apply to your Business Challenge. Consult Design Thinking Coach. { Repeat, for 4 weeks}
    Leave with insights and Solutions and Design Thinking skills.
    Action learning session dates for India:
    + weekly coach office hour
    Book a Table. Bring along a Team and a Business Challenge. Attend Design Thinking Masterclasses. Apply to your Business Challenge. Consult Design Thinking Coach.
    { Repeat, for 4 weeks}
    Leave with insights and Solutions and Design Thinking skills. Starting on the 30th of September!
    Action learning session dates for India:
    Sessions: 1st October, 8th October, 15th October, 22nd October 2022. + weekly coach office hour
    Move Like a Startup,
    Deliver Like an Enterprise.
    It’s time for every employee to think like a startup founder.
    Look out for new dates…
    “Think Like a Start-up Game: Learn How to Think Like a Start-up by Applying Design Thinking Principles”
    Move Like a Startup, Deliver Like an Enterprise.
    It’s time for every employee to think like a startup founder.
    8th September, 2022  |   15:00-18:00 IST
    “Think Like a Start-up Game: Learn How to Think Like a Start-up by Applying Design Thinking Principles”