Design Thinking to Discover the Purpose of the Problem


Human centric design, user empathy are the fuzzy problems of the end user, that Design thinkers and experience designers are addressing or trying to address for most of the brands and business today. But we see a lot of great innovation projects and ideas fail due to its mismatch to what is core to the brand and the people making it happen. In this detailed live webinar we investigate and understand the approach to “WHY” should businesses and brands do what they do and how could business frame more holistic challenges for design innovation based on better understanding of who they are and desire to be. How could the base their future vision on decoding what emerging trends could do to the future behaviour and expectations of their user and solve for them. In QGLUE, we call it the third diamond.

Webinar Benefits

The webinar will help the participants to:
• Understand the empathy of a business that makes it a brand.
• Explore trends to generate behavior insight
• Help define the vision and the challenge better for a brand
• Understand the synergies between Design thinking and other approaches for brand creation
• Look at how Design thinking can accelerate change and transform / align the culture of the organization.

About the Speaker

Name: Nimesh Pilla

Nimesh comes with over 15 years of extensive experience in Experience Design, Service Design and Brand Strategy to enhance customer experiences and create stakeholder value through Business Innovation. Previously he was the Principal Design Strategist for IBM Ix for India markets, Head of Design Strategy at Future Group’s business Innovation Team and DGM Design at Godrej.

After his Bachelors at NID, Nimesh did his Masters in Strategic Design Management at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Over the years he has consulted to numerous organizations large and small.

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