Good leaders recognize their organization’s success
depends on their ability to build innovation and
design thinking skills.
Q-GLUE in partnership with Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) has launched an online education series on Design Thinking and Innovation for enterprise customers. The online programs can be customized to suit the learning needs for every organization and can be uploaded to any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS).
200 minutes of e-learning, 516 minutes of tutorials, and
over 30 templates categorized into 16 different
competency areas for the organization to choose from.
Practical Innovation Frameworks from leading Fortune 500 companies
Proven with over 1,000 Intrapreneurs
More than X Design Thinking & Innovation experts
globally for coaching support
About AfCE
The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) is a leading global innovation agency, typically mentoring teams of corporate entrepreneurs to develop, test and launch new business ideas and driving innovation at Fortune 500’s such as Airbus, Allianz, Bayer, B.braun, BMW, HP, Munich Re and others.
Design Learning Paths using 16 stacks of ready content
Need help to design the learning program?
Check one sample course here
Not sure what learning stacks to focus on? Our expert innovation coaches can help you recommended the learning stacks to upskill your team members.
Recognize & Reward with Certification
For each course and learning path you create we will create and issue digital certificates to recognize
and reward their achievement.
Typically for 1 year since date of purchase or date of enrollment, unless otherwise agreed by the contract.
We like to buffer a delivery time of 4 weeks from course definition if no customisation is involved. We generally can move quite quickly.
Yes. Many of our mentors would be happy to offer further support to corporate innovation teams once you are ready for deeper guidance. Just reach out to customer_relations@q-glue.com
We offer 2 pricing options that allow you to maximise your usage of the content compared to the price being charged. Ensure you analyse together with AfCE what your usage requirements are likely to be before selecting which pricing model to go for.
Yes, as long as it is SCORM compliant.
Yes, it is not a problem to host in AfCE’s LMS. In this case, we will need to consider how enrollment, testing and reporting should be conducted and extra fees will be included. It is possible to make you an admin user in our LMS you you could managed things.
We strongly advise to use SCORM as it is the global industry standard for e-learning materials and allows us to update content periodically without needing to recreate courses or for you to repurchase content. Furthermore, if AfCE content was not to be hosted in SCORM files, then you as the client would be liable for any wrong use of copyrighted materials such as images from the e-learning content.
AfCE editors periodically check all learning objects for currentness and update with new examples, facts, figures etc. With your permission, we send the updated SCORM file as a new release to your course / module where that content was embedded.
Access Expertise of Innovation Experts
David is a certified design thinker from MIT Sloan with over 24 years of extensive experience designing processes and business process improvement to enhance customer and stakeholder experiences. He has consulted and trained more than 100+ organisations in India and globally, including companies like Aon Hewitt, Airtel, Prudential, and First Data.
Dhananjay is a senior consultant with 13+ years of diverse work experience. Dhananjay is trained in design thinking and facilitation by world-leading consultants from global training firms such as LUMA Institute, USA and LaunchLabs, Germany. He has trained over 6000+ participants in design thinking, facilitated and conceptualized 70+ project-specific design thinking sessions.
Jan is an expert for Intrapreneurship program design. As CEO at the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) he oversees the design and implementations of various Intrapreneurship Programs covering different stages of the Innovation Process for many Fortune 500 organisations. For 5 years he was also a Director at the Founder Institute, the world’s largest mentoring program for early stage entrepreneurs launching over 1,000 companies per year with a 72% survival rate.
Urs established the Founder Institute, the leading business accelerator from Silicon Valley, in Barcelona. He shows organisations how to transform startups into engines of corporate innovation. In the past he set up, managed and made profitable the jobpilot startup branch in Spain, before it was sold for 73M € to Adecco.
Are you ready to upskill your team on Design Thinking and innovation capabilities? We can help with customizing and offering the online learning for your teams. For special pricing on the corporate package for your teams contact us now.
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Book a Table. Bring along a Team and a Business Challenge. 
Attend Design Thinking Masterclasses. Apply to your Business Challenge. Consult Design Thinking Coach. { Repeat, for 4 weeks}
Leave with insights and Solutions and Design Thinking skills.
Action learning session dates for India:
+ weekly coach office hour
Book a Table. Bring along a Team and a Business Challenge. Attend Design Thinking Masterclasses. Apply to your Business Challenge. Consult Design Thinking Coach.
{ Repeat, for 4 weeks}
Leave with insights and Solutions and Design Thinking skills. Starting on the 30th of September!
Action learning session dates for India:
Sessions: 1st October, 8th October, 15th October, 22nd October 2022. + weekly coach office hour
Move Like a Startup,
Deliver Like an Enterprise.
It’s time for every employee to think like a startup founder.
Look out for new dates…
“Think Like a Start-up Game: Learn How to Think Like a Start-up by Applying Design Thinking Principles”
Move Like a Startup, Deliver Like an Enterprise.
It’s time for every employee to think like a startup founder.
8th September, 2022  |   15:00-18:00 IST
“Think Like a Start-up Game: Learn How to Think Like a Start-up by Applying Design Thinking Principles”