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LUMA System of Innovation built on Human Centered Design
Excerpts from Luma-Institute.com:

 A unique framework of Human-Centered Design that equips people to be more innovative in their daily work

LUMA system of Innovation equip organisation with a framework to transform their processes and communication (both internal and external) to be more design-led and innovative. It is built on Human-Centered Design – the discipline of developing solutions in the service of people – and grounded in the belief that anyone can be innovative, but might not know how.
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LUMA Certification Program

LUMA’s mission is not just to teach people human-centered design, but to help everyone become confident and capable problem solvers.

In their years teaching the LUMA System worldwide, they’ve learned it takes more than formal instruction in a workshop. It also takes peer-to-peer collaboration and hands-on experience, supported by expert coaching and on-demand tools and resources.

Out of their learning, they designed the Practitioner Certification Program for enterprise clients and are now offering the program to the public. We continue to offer facilitator and instructor certification programs as part of custom innovation programs for enterprise clients. Know more

LUMA Workplace ®

LUMA Workplace enables team to be more collaborative, customer-centric and innovative

Companies face challenges on day-to-day basis which could simply be getting coworkers to agree on priorities or identifying the right problems to solve or something as facile as running a productive staff meeting on a regular basis.
LUMA helps organisation to carry on these activities though tools categorised under three areas:

  1. Looking – You will find methods and tools for observing human experience
  2. Understanding – You will find methods and tools for analyzing challenges and opportunities
  3. Making – You will find methods and tools for envisioning future possibilities.

LUMA institute has hand-picked 36 most effective tools and methods of Design Thinking which can be used for organisational transformation.
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LUMA Success Stories

How organizations are creating value through the LUMA System of Innovation

Autodesk transforms its culture, products and customer relationships

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Knight Foundation supercharges early stage media projects through Human-Centered Design.

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Genpact, a GE spinoff, underpins Lean Six Sigma with Human-Centered Design to reimagine the future.

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National School Lunch

Creative approach to problem solving makes it easier for kids in need to get school lunches.

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