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Introducing the “Online Curriculum for Corporate Innovation”, a virtual education series to accelerate design thinking and innovation for enterprise customers & corporate startups.

Deploy the latest practical innovation topics to upskill your workforce. Choose from 716 minutes of e-learning, 30 templates and 16 diverse learning modules, that have been developed by QGLUE in partnership with the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship & Corporate Startups.

The program can be customized to suit the learning needs for every organization, and uploaded to any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

Learning Modules

Build a customized learning path for your team based on your innovation maturity/phases at your organization

Leverage Bite Sized Learning Elements

Learners can engage in self directed e-learning, on-demand tutorials, worksheets, quizzes and templates.

E-learning Modules

We guide learners through interactive content, while explaining the fundamentals, and highlighting key examples and case studies.

Expert Tutorials

Learners receive pointed guidance from experienced mentors through short tutorials. The sessions explain key theories, how to apply theories in practice and specific advice to follow when guiding others on these topics.


Learners gain access to key tools and templates covered in the course. These resources help them apply their learning to real ideas.

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Not sure which learning modules to focus on? Our expert innovation coaches can recommend the modules you need to upskill your team members.

Frequently Asked

We know you have questions. Here are some answers.
Typically for 1 year since date of purchase or date of enrollment, unless otherwise agreed by the contract.
We like to buffer a delivery time of 4 weeks from course definition if no customisation is involved. We generally can move quite quickly.
Yes. Many of our mentors would be happy to offer further support to corporate innovation teams once you are ready for deeper guidance. Just reach out to customer_relations@q-glue.com
We offer 2 pricing options that allow you to maximise your usage of the content compared to the price being charged. Ensure you analyse together with AfCE what your usage requirements are likely to be before selecting which pricing model to go for.
Yes, as long as it is SCORM compliant.
Yes, it is not a problem to host in AfCE’s LMS. In this case, we will need to consider how enrollment, testing and reporting should be conducted and extra fees will be included. It is possible to make you an admin user in our LMS you you could managed things.
We strongly advise to use SCORM as it is the global industry standard for e-learning materials and allows us to update content periodically without needing to recreate courses or for you to repurchase content. Furthermore, if AfCE content was not to be hosted in SCORM files, then you as the client would be liable for any wrong use of copyrighted materials such as images from the e-learning content.
AfCE editors periodically check all learning objects for currentness and update with new examples, facts, figures etc. With your permission, we send the updated SCORM file as a new release to your course / module where that content was embedded.


Reward your team with co-branded digital “certificates of completion”, to update on their LinkedIn profiles.
Certificate to be issued for each of the 16 courses available.
Trusted by companies
big & Small


Are you ready to upskill your team’s design thinking and innovation capabilities? We can customize online learning exclusively for your team. Contact us to grab a special pricing on the “corporate package for teams”.

About AfCE

The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) is a leading global innovation agency, typically mentoring teams of corporate entrepreneurs to develop, test and launch new business ideas and driving innovation at Fortune 500’s such as Airbus, Allianz, Bayer, B.braun, BMW, HP, Munich Re and others.

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