Problem Framing – Solving the Right Problem


We typically find that nearly half of all corporate innovation journeys fail due to non-alignment of the initiative to a broader strategic objectives and a clear difficulty in articulation of measurable business outcomes. The basic question strategic leaders are grappling with is which business challenges are to be addressed using a corporate innovation drive and Design thinking / Sprints.

Thus the urgency is to detect and understand a time tested methodology to discover the problem area and frame the right problem from the various challenges facing the organization. This web session looks at one such problem approach created by DSA Berlin and augmented by us using TRIZ innovation

We walk you through this practical recipe and show you how organizations have successfully applied this to uncover the right problem using the “Problem framing recipe”


The webinar will help the participants to:
– Look at a roadmap for Defining the right challenge to solve given multiple business challenges
– Understand the DSA problem framing recipe and its steps in detail
– Look at application cases across industry types

Webinar Outline

The webinar would cover the following main areas:
– Problem framing
– Stakeholder identification and their needs
– Application cases for selecting and discovering the human centered challenge


This webinar would be useful for:
– Aspiring Design thinkers
– Innovators
– Business and operational excellence leads
– Transformation Leads


– No pre- requisites to attend

Suggested Pre-Readings:


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