A 1-day intensive workout to give you all the necessary tools and knowledge for framing the right problem and making your Design Sprint a true success.

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution” – Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze.

Identifying the right problem up-front is crucial for any Design Sprint and we have seen many ambitious Design Sprints fail when the stage isn’t set properly or there is no common understanding of the actual problem.
We will help you take all the steps in the right direction and learn how to address relevant aspects of a problem, engage your team towards a common purpose and gain the confidence that you are tackling a problem worth solving in the Design Sprint

Why you should attend?

Identify and capture stakeholders’ perspective and assumptions

Understand the customers’ needs, perception, and expectations

Learn to frame problems into actionable design challenges

Align the team on a common goal and purpose

Gain the confidence needed to know you’re tackling the right problem worth solving in a design sprint


This intensive workshop is best suited for individuals who will run or facilitate Design Sprints in their organization and need to set the stage for a success or need to get stakeholder buy-in to run their next Design Sprint.

Business Innovation Heads / Strategy leaders / Transformation program heads and Managers / Transformation program heads and Managers / Anybody wanting to find and answer to “Are we solving the right innovation challenge?

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