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What does the creation of new products and services require? Sharp insights – which can be developed through careful observation of human behaviour. Organisations often lose sight of how human behaviour and it’s changing nature shape the environment. This field study and workshop is an attempt to understand the silent components of everyday life, to decode behaviour, ultimately making our processes and products richer, more nuanced and successful. It looks at the non-formal aspects of human behaviour, and how they shape their environments to reveal why people do what they do. This understanding is critical to address and identify unspoken and unmet needs which can become a springboard for innovation.


Key outcomes

  • Analytically decode qualitative data to generate critical insights that could lead to massive and meaningful innovations
  • Understand consumers better and identify new spaces or unmet needs
  • Acquire methods to study human behavior and also develop empathy


Trainer Profile:

Anubha Kakroo

Anubha comes with around 15 years of rich experience in design consultancy, design strategy, brand consultancy, and cultural insights to decode markets and enhance stakeholder value. Currently, she is the Principal Design Coach Q-GLUE. Formerly, she was Head, Programmes, at British Council for India and Sri Lanka, Director: Design and Cultural Insights at Future Brands India Ltd. and Project Director & Senior Brand Consultant for DMA Branding.

Anubha is a postgraduate from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She did her Masters in Design Management, specializing in Strategy, Innovation and Branding at the Brunel University, London.



Course content

  • Introduction and briefing- 1 hour 15 minutes
    Briefing about the field trip and Understanding the tools & assignment
  • Field study- 2 hours 30 minutes
    Field study is about immersing oneself in this experience to develop an eye to capture the nuances of change. It involves field visit to engage in interactions, conversations with people in public and private spaces on the street, making meaningful observations.
  • Workshop and presentation- 3 hours
    The field trip inputs when mined and analysed might help us explain some of the patterns of change and arrive at insights about the fluidity and emergent nature of markets down-up