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Design Thinking can be described as a discipline that uses the designers sensibility and methods to match peoples needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.

It is an approach focused on the human being that is able to uncover, through multi disciplinary , collaborative perspectives that render thoughts and processes tangible, paths that lead to innovative business solutions.


About this course:
A search for a robust and analytical tool ends at Innovation using TRIZ. It provides a potent blend of creativity and analytical approaches to get closer to ideality in solution thinking. A very good starting point is provided while creating the current Services Blueprint and definition of the HMW – How Might We statements.

TRIZ innovation focuses on understanding and formulating the contradictions at the core of the current service blueprint. Having understood this as a chain of contradictions we can use the time tested inventive principles to create and discover innovative, implementable solutions.


How will the program benefit the participants and the sponsoring organization?

  • Leverage Design Thinking approach to generate stronger solutions
  • Help participants to conduct Ideality thinking and problem solving
  • Learn techniques on identifying and formulating conflict
  • Using basic TRIZ innovation tools to identify solutions and evaluate them


Course Content:

DAY 1:

  • Design Thinking and Ideation Phase
  • How TRIZ helps in innovation and problem solving
  • Multi Screen Diagram
  • Ideality and Resource
  • Understanding current situation using ISQ
  • Discovering Contradictions
  • RCA+ – Root Conflict Analysis

DAY 2:

  • RCA+ Continued
  • 40 inventive principles for business
  • Contradiction Matrix for business
  • Evalutation and selection of ideas using MCDM
  • Introduction to case study and expected outcome


Trainer Profile:

David P. Issac is a Consulting Partner and Practice Head at QAI. He comes with over 24 years of extensive experience in Processes, Innovation and Design Thinking. David is currently consulting organisations for business transformation using a blend of Design Thinking, Innovation TRIZ and DFSS – Design for Six Sigma.

David is a certified Design Thinker from MIT Sloan and has consulted and trained more than 40 organizations which includes Aon Hewitt, Airtel, Prudential, First data etc. using Design Thinking applications and Innovation TRIZ. He has travelled extensively for consulting assignments to several countries.