Workshop Overview
The Certificate Program in Design Thinking offers 16 hours of live virtual workshop plus 6 weeks of post workshop mentored learning. The course introduces designers and non-designers to the fundamentals of design thinking Rather than imparting theory-based knowledge, we follow a hands-on approach to creative problem solving. Our seasoned design coaches will take participants through the design thinking process, principles and tools in this action-oriented experience.
Post the workshop, we offer a 6 week sustained learning journey with D.Learn. D.Learn is a tried-and tested design thinking methodology proven to yield lucrative business results for global organizations. This powerful recipe is designed to advance design thinking knowledge and demonstrates how to apply these learnings to real-world business situations.
Design thinking is a wonderful catalyst for change and innovation, orchestrating collaboration in siloed teams, building empathy and boosting revenue in organizations. Participants will learn to facilitate a design-led culture and make a greater contribution to their organization’s future success through this workshop.
Workshop Takeaways
  • Understand the end-to-end human centered framework.
  • Create a culture of design and empathy in your organization
  • Align various stakeholders and leaders towards a single purpose
  • Create real business impact over sustained periods of time
  • Understand how design thinking can come to life in a distributed working scenario
  • Practice design thinking skills through hands-on activities
  • Standardize a common language for creative problem solving
Workshop Curriculum
Importance of design and what design thinking is
Importance of design in today’s economy; design thinking principles; what is meant by an “experience”
Writing the problem statement
Techniques to identify and write the right problem statement
Understanding stakeholders and users
Business goals and priorities, vision statement; techniques to understand behavior of consumers
Personas, empathy maps
Deriving insights, segmentation, and techniques to create user persona and empathy
Current scenarios to identify pain points
Current journeys of personas and prioritization of focus areas
Ideation and voting
Ideation and storyboarding tools and techniques
Deriving goals from ideas
Identify business goals through prioritization techniques
The goals of prototyping; designing prototypes
Present your final concept to the group
This is followed by D.Learn which is a post workshop project for applying the learnings to a real world scenario. We will regularly follow up with participants over 4-6 weeks post the workshop through Skype/conference calls.
D.Learn: Post Workshop Project
We will regularly follow up with participants over 6 weeks post the workshop through Skype/Conference calls.
D.Learn Components

Learning toolkit with ready to
use template

Design booth for 1-1 call with
design coach

Peer podium to learn from each

Design story day to celebrate
your journey

Mode of Delivery
The 2 day workshop will be conducted online through virtual collaboration tools.
  • Collaboration and brainstorming tools will be provided before the session starts
  • Technology requirements: Desktop
  • Use state of the art virtual collaboration tools like Mural/Zoom.
  • Teams can use Mural to brainstorm, evaluate ideas and prepare storyboards using inbuilt templates and sticky notes.
  • Organize and share ideas with others.
Digital workspace for collaboration with in-built tools, templates
Remote conferencing for online meetings/workshops

Who Should Attend?

Everybody actually! Design thinking should be at the core of strategy development and organizational change. Participants can apply a design mindset to products, services, and processes; anything that needs to be improved.

This is a two step certification programme.
Step 1
The primary “Certificate of Participation” is given after completing the 2 day workshop.
Step 2
The second “Certificate of Completion” is given after completing the post-workshop D.Learn project.
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Playbook
Receive QGLUE’s Design Thinker’s Playbook
This playbook is for those who dare to build future-proof organizations, services, products and processes. We have captured some of the most powerful design thinking and innovation tools in this playbook. Each tool is meticulously displayed on a separate page and can be used as templates.
design thinking
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Frequently Asked Questions:
A process of creative problem solving which helps one in creating human centred products, services and processes. It not only helps one tp solve the problem but also helps one in identifying the right problem and empathise with their consumer.

1. We offer you an experiential course wherein you would get the opportunity to implement your learning through a real world business problem, because often with Design Thinking one of the major obstacles faced are during implementations.

2. Our trainers are not just design thinking practitioners, they also bring with them vast amount of experience spanning across different sectors and markets.

3. We offer you a set of most powerful Design thinking tools from a plethora of tools available in the world today, to help you solve problems in a simple way which otherwise look complex and mutil faceted.

This is a two-step certification program:

Step 1
Certification of workshop completion:
After attending the 2-day workshop

Step 2
Certificate of project completion:
The second is a certification of completion, given after fulfilment of D.Learn, which is the post workshop engagement project. For more details, please download our brochure.

The batch size ranges from 15-20 participants. This if for a more personalized experience and more time & attention is given to each participant.
It is neither, it is a discipline that teaches you to integrate Businesses, People and technology, for solving any complex problem or situation that has a human touch point.

1. Helps you create not just good solutions, it enables you to create desirable solutions.

2. Equips you with skills to solve difficult problems in a creative and simple way using a formalized framework which otherwise look very complex.

3. There is a plethora of design thinking tools and techniques available which could prove to be overwhelming for a design thinker. We offer you a set of 36 most powerful methods that could be combined depending on your need and complexity of the situation to produce effective and human centric solutions.

There’s no eligibility criteria for the workshop, thus people from all backgrounds and designations attend the workshop.

1. Helps you create not just good solutions, It also creates desirable solutions, that are implementable.

2. Equips you with skills to solve difficult and hairy problems in a creative and simple way using a formalized framework.

3. Helps you identify the correct problem and the underlying questions, segregate them and address them individually to find better solutions that are

Online courses only offer theoretical knowledge, whereas here we do things practically. Learning by doing, which is guided by our DT mentors in the 6 week, D learn programme.
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant has been the Business Head at the Royal Bank of Scotland for more than 15 years, managing Investment, Corporate and Retail Banking Technology Business Units for the organisation. He is a specialist in Design Thinking and Innovation from University of Virginia, with proven expertise in setting up Design Thinking practice and driving a culture of Innovation. He has collaborated with L&D, and HR teams in rolling out immersion courses across locations in Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Chennai with sessions around tools such as design-led-thinking, techniques for innovation, and developing commercial mindset. As a Design Thinking Coach, he has designed and delivered bespoke problems – solving Design Sprints, leveraging creative practices of Design Thinking, to come out with new and innovative ideas to improve customer experience, as well as product and service offerings. He has received ICF coaching certification from Erickson International and also Coaching Mastery accreditation on the Skill of Coaching in RBS.
QGLUE is offering a limited time 100% COVID Scholarship Scheme for this program.“Yes, you read it right. Limited class size, so apply soon”.Because the world needs design-led-innovation now more than ever before. Design that’s human-centred and rooted in empathy.
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