01 Workshop Overview
People live in two worlds, Physical and Virtual, and both need to be understood for the right results. Design is not merely about how it looks but how it works. Design Thinking helps solve wicked problems and is the best tool to handle ambiguous situations.
This two-day program delves into the fundamentals of the Design Thinking approach by immerson in collaborative exercises, dynamic discussions, relevant readings, and quizzes. You will experience the power of Design Thinking concepts to create a path to innovation, unveil new possibilities, and make a greater contribution to your organization’s future success.
Topics covered include fundamental principles of Design Thinking, the Design Thinking process steps, and awareness of some of the tools used in Design Thinking.
02 Workshop Takeaways
  • Emerging decision makers build their expertise in this workshop with specific design tools and methods as well as understand the end to end human centered framework.
  • Uncover opportunities and hidden potential in your organization.
  • Learn the framework that helps build ecosystems
  • Align various stakeholders and leaders towards a single purpose
  • Create a culture of design and empathy in your organization
  • Create real business impact over sustained periods of time
  • Understand tools and techniques that are shaping the world today
03 Workshop Curriculum
Importance of Design and What is Design Thinking
Importance of design in today’s economy; Design Thinking Principles; What is meant by an “experience”
Writing the Problem Statement
Techniques to identify and write the right problem statement
Understanding Stakeholders and Users
Business Goals and priorities, Vision Statement; Techniques to understand behavior of consumers
Personas, Empathy Maps
Deriving Insights, Segmentation, and Techniques to create Persona and Empathy of Users
Current Scenarios to identify pain points
Current Journeys of personas and prioritization of focus areas
Ideation and Storyboarding
Ideation and Storyboarding tools and techniques
Deriving Goals from Ideas
Identify Business goals through prioritization techniques
Future Scenarios and Moments of Max Impact
Visualize the future state and prioritize the “moments”
The goals of prototyping; Designing Prototypes
This is followed by D.Learn which is a post workshop project for applying the learning to a real world scenario.
04 D.Learn: Post Workshop Project
This will be made possible via Skype/Conference calls and regular follow ups, in a period of 4-6 weeks post the workshop. Components of D.Learn:


Every participant who signs up for D.Learn receives a Toolkit. It has been designed such that all Design Tools are handy and can be straight taken out from the Kit to be used as Templates.


D.Learn has Design Phases of 2 weeks. At the beginning of each phase you will have a 1-1 call with a Design Coach from QGLUE to help you realise your design path in each phase.


QGlue organises design meetups to ensure peer learning and creating a community where everyone can share their design journey to learn from each other.


We celebrate your journey and close D.Learn with a celebratory event called Design Story Day where we encourage you to propose your solution of the case you were working through D.Learn to QGlue Community and peers.

05 Who Should Attend?
Everybody actually! Design thinking should be at the core of strategy development and organizational change in order to create a culture that’s focused on a creative way of solving problems. This way of thinking can be applied to products, services, and processes; anything that needs to be improved.
06 Certification
This is a two step certification programme.
Step 1
The primary is a participation certificate, given after the completion of the 2 day workshop.
Step 2
The second is a certification of completion, given after fulfilment of D.Learn, which is the post workshop engagement project.
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Playbook
07 Receive QGLUE’s Design Thinker’s Playbook
This is a Playbook.
Not for everyone, but for those who dare to build future-proof organizations, services, products and processes. We have captured some of the most powerful tools of Design Thinking and Innovation and designed the playbook in a way to have each tool on a separate page, to be used as templates.
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Strategy
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Certificate Program in Design Thinking Reviews
Frequently Asked Questions:
A process of creative problem solving which helps one in creating human centred products, services and processes. It not only helps one tp solve the problem but also helps one in identifying the right problem and empathise with their consumer.

1. We offer you an experiential course wherein you would get the opportunity to implement your learning through a real world business problem, because often with Design Thinking one of the major obstacles faced are during implementations.

2. Our trainers are not just design thinking practitioners, they also bring with them vast amount of experience spanning across different sectors and markets.

3. We offer you a set of most powerful Design thinking tools from a plethora of tools available in the world today, to help you solve problems in a simple way which otherwise look complex and mutil faceted.

This is a two-step certification program:

Step 1
Certification of workshop completion:
After attending the 2-day workshop

Step 2
Certificate of project completion:
The second is a certification of completion, given after fulfilment of D.Learn, which is the post workshop engagement project. For more details, please download our brochure.

The batch size ranges from 15-20 participants. This if for a more personalized experience and more time & attention is given to each participant.
It is neither, it is a discipline that teaches you to integrate Businesses, People and technology, for solving any complex problem or situation that has a human touch point.

1. Helps you create not just good solutions, it enables you to create desirable solutions.

2. Equips you with skills to solve difficult problems in a creative and simple way using a formalized framework which otherwise look very complex.

3. There is a plethora of design thinking tools and techniques available which could prove to be overwhelming for a design thinker. We offer you a set of 36 most powerful methods that could be combined depending on your need and complexity of the situation to produce effective and human centric solutions.

There’s no eligibility criteria for the workshop, thus people from all backgrounds and designations attend the workshop.

1. Helps you create not just good solutions, It also creates desirable solutions, that are implementable.

2. Equips you with skills to solve difficult and hairy problems in a creative and simple way using a formalized framework.

3. Helps you identify the correct problem and the underlying questions, segregate them and address them individually to find better solutions that are

Online courses only offer theoretical knowledge, whereas here we do things practically. Learning by doing, which is guided by our DT mentors in the 6 week, D learn programme.
Trainer Profile:
David P. Issac
David comes with over 24 years of extensive experience designing processes and business process improvement to enhance customer and stakeholder experiences. David is a certified Design Thinker from MIT Sloan. He has consulted and trained more than 100+ organisations in India and abroad which include companies like Aon Hewitt, Airtel, Prudential, First data etc. using the design thinkers creative mind-set to design innovative solutions, transforming process and user experience.

David is currently consulting organisations for business transformation using a blend of Design thinking, Innovation TRIZ – Theory of the Resolution of Invention-Related Tasks and DFSS- Design for Six Sigma. He is a certified practitioner of TRIZ Innovation by The International TRIZ Association at Level3.
Dhananjay is a Senior Consultant with 13+ years of diverse work experience. Dhananjay has trained over 6000+ participants in Design Thinking through various course formats, and facilitated and conceptualized 70+ project specific Design Thinking sessions for various themes (Application Service Delivery, Client Visits, Diversity & Culture, Employee Experience, Workplace Solutions, Strategy and Vision.)

Before joining QGLUE, he was a core team member of Accenture’s Innovation & influence track as Design thinking & Storytelling catalyst in the Learning and Knowledge Management Business Unit, since 2015.

He is trained in Design Thinking by world leading consultants from training firms such as LUMA Institute (USA), LaunchLabs (Germany) in Design Thinking training & facilitation. At Accenture India, Dhananjay became the first and only person to be certified in Design Thinking by Accenture Global Team.

In his current role at QGLUE, he is responsible for conceptualizing workshops and training programs to foster Innovation & Design Thinking to clients of QGLUE across a range of industries.
Nimesh Pilla
Nimesh comes with over 15 years of extensive experience in Experience Design, Service Design and Brand Strategy to enhance customer experiences and create stakeholder value through Business Innovation.

Previously he was the Principal Design Strategist for IBM Ix for India markets, Head of Design Strategy at Future Group’s business Innovation Team and DGM Design at Godrej.

After his Bachelors at NID, Nimesh did his Masters in Strategic Design Management at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Over the years he has consulted to numerous organizations large and small.
Arvind Lodaya
Arvind is a strategic innovator and brand consultant. He consults on service & business innovation and branding, design and tech. He teaches at premier institutes in India & overseas—and has been involved in several startups, including an environmental NGO, a museum on conflict, a skilling initiative and a design-led business incubator. While at Ogilvy he led the corporate rebranding of ICICI and also co-founded the Deccan Centre for Innovation & Design

He has been invited to a lot of institutions such as IIT-G to advise on its BTech program, Impact Business Leaders, University of Stellenbosch, ISB, Ambedkar University and Startup Village to lead programs on Design and Business Innovation.
Kshitij Marwah
Kshitij is a MIT TR35 “Most Innovator of the Year” Under The Age of 35, co-founder of the MIT Media Lab India Initiative and was also on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2018. He is a double graduate from Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program and the MIT Media Lab.

His curriculum developed at MIT has been deployed across Fortune 500 companies and top universities across spectrum enabling a new generation of innovators and spin-offs to tackle some of the hardest problems affecting these organizations. He has numerous publications and patents to his name and his inventions have been showcased across Forbes, USA Today, WIRED, TechCrunch amongst others.
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