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Customer Journey Mapping Training

Rise above the complexities of touch
points into the era of loyalty and
experience transformation.
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Our objective is to create a customer journey mapping that is effective and intuitive. We will help you to utilize powerful methods and customer journey mapping frameworks to unlock great value and map customers’ unarticulated needs and expectations, along with their buying and servicing journey.

If Experience Isn’t
Your Strategy, You’re
Doing It Wrong

Context Of The Training


To enable a customer’s centric and strategic approach and to understand the customer better. You should be able to apply the learning to use cases to design solutions and gain a deeper understanding of the customer.


To create an intensive Customer Journey Mapping immersive program for individuals and organizations seeking creative methods to solve real/ implementable and complex Design problems.

Ideal Participants But Are Not Limited To :

Marketing professionals/Customer service professionals/Experienced designers/Design thinkers/Digital transformation professionals/Project managers.

Executives and managers looking to upgrade processes and manage growth through CX & UX.
Individuals and teams working on strategy or marketing who want to manage experience transformation and improve customer experience lifecycle.

Entrepreneurs and executives of start-ups who want to establish a profound customer journey framework and experience

Representatives of organizations seeking efficient processes to engage customers over a long term

Training Overview

The Customer Journey Mapping workshop offers 20 hours of live virtual workshop training. The course introduces professionals to the effective methods and frameworks of customer Journey Mapping. Rather than imparting theory-based knowledge, we follow a hands-on approach to creative problem-solving. The structure of the customer journey mapping workshop program will take participants through the process to understand and create principles, and tools in this action-oriented experience.

Key Highlights
Live Sessions
by Doing
Global Team
Expert Instructor
Case Study
Review and
Feedback Sessions

Key Takeaways

Learn to identify ‘VOC’ & build customer

Learn to use ‘Empathy’ & ‘Customer
Centricity’ as a key tool in your arsenal

A Scientific way to do touchpoints analysis &
mapping & Make CX as your competitive

Identify CXM and define metrics for
continuous improvements. Map & craft ideal
customer journey frameworks

Training Modules

Design thinking & Experience

Understand the importance of design thinking customer journey and its relevance to the current VUCA Economy. Understand what is meant by “Customer Experience“ and why it is of utmost importance for a Human-centered innovation approach.

Introduction to Customer Experience & Customer Journey Mapping

Understand the basics of CX and get familiar with the structure of the Customer Journey Mapping program.

Customer Vision & CX Strategy Setting

Learn to analyze and assess organizations CX management in depth during a customer experience project, set a scope and focus areas of CX project, and review and deal with data related issues.

Journey Identification & CX Analytics

Understand what customer journey mapping is and learn the process of customer journey analytics and identification. Also, you will be introduced to CX analytics and interpreting the output.

Journey Prioritization

Understand how to create a segmentation grid and evaluate and prioritize customer journey framework processes.

Journey Mapping

Understand the key differences between process maps provided by the client’s management and a real observation in the process of customer journey mappings. Get present with the advantage of mapped customer journeys from a customer experience perspective. Prepare touchpoints in an activity for an interesting case study analysis.

Business Insights

Interpret gaps between the internal perception of customer expectations/satisfaction and reality. Learn how to prioritize business opportunities.

Journey Transformation and Customer Experience Governance

Understand the process of developing design and implementing a solution. Develop a customer experience governance model and reporting structure. Present your case study presentation (and receive feedback on it)


C.Learn is an element of the Customer Journey Mapping Certification Program at QGLUE that allows a participant to solve a real-world business problem using the methods and concepts of Customer Journey Mapping under the mentorship of the coach.

After the 20 hours of customer journey mapping training course, the participant can choose to onboard this 4-week journey that starts with problem framing and is followed by designing a path to solve the problem in groups. The participant is handheld throughout the journey mapping training and along with Customer Journey Mapping Certification he also receives constructive feedback from their peers and coach at every step of the journey.

This customer journey mapping workshop and customer journey map design thinking training will help each participant to delve deeper into the concepts and methodologies and their applications. With 6 hours of coach interaction and 4 weeks of working on the problem, the participant will have a firm understanding of the learnings of Customer Journey Mapping.

customer journey mapping process
customer journey mapping process2
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Book a Table. Bring along a Team and a Business Challenge. 
Attend Design Thinking Masterclasses. Apply to your Business Challenge. Consult Design Thinking Coach. { Repeat, for 4 weeks}
Leave with insights and Solutions and Design Thinking skills.
Action learning session dates for India:
+ weekly coach office hour
Book a Table. Bring along a Team and a Business Challenge. Attend Design Thinking Masterclasses. Apply to your Business Challenge. Consult Design Thinking Coach.
{ Repeat, for 4 weeks}
Leave with insights and Solutions and Design Thinking skills. Starting on the 30th of September!
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“Think Like a Start-up Game: Learn How to Think Like a Start-up by Applying Design Thinking Principles”
Move Like a Startup, Deliver Like an Enterprise.
It’s time for every employee to think like a startup founder.
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“Think Like a Start-up Game: Learn How to Think Like a Start-up by Applying Design Thinking Principles”