01 Workshop overview

  • The two-day workshop focuses on learning TRIZ skills to solve business problems.
  • This workshop is curated for senior stakeholders who have the ability to initiate and nurture change in their organization.
  • The program objective is to equip participants with skills to solve business problems innovatively and come up with solutions at the end of the session.
  • Either individually or in groups of three, team members must use innovation principles to identify a business problem to investigate and resolve.
  • Teams will use case studies and exercises to learn and deploy basic innovation tools and methodologies.
  • Participants will receive a participation certificate after submitting a response to the case that is assigned during the program.

02 Why Building and using Innovation Skill

  • We are increasingly asked “to think out of the box” – but lack the guidance or the methodology to do so.
  • Traditional approaches like focused brainstorming help us formulate ideas. However, only a handful of ideas solve the problem.
  • Innovation is a skill that can be learned and developed through practice.
  • Identify contradictions in the problems and use a systems thinking approach to understand interlinkages.
  • Discover practical and easy to deploy solutions that are very close to ideality.
03 How will the program benefit the       participants and thespon organizations?
  • Learn to conduct ideality thinking and problem-solving.
  • Learn techniques on identifying and formulating a conflict.
  • Use Basic TRIZ Innovation tools to identify solutions and evaluate them.
  • Focuses on applying basic TRIZ Innovation to the business environment.
  • Case studies and examples are related to the organization process and business so that participants can easily relate.
  • The program elaborates a structured process to drive innovation and solve problems, time tested across organizations globally.
  • One month guidance support post the program.
  • QGLUE will issue certificates to participants who are able to work on the selected case successfully.

05 Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for those who can influence processes, business systems and people. People who are convinced that they are creative and can find newer and better solutions to today’s business problems are ideal candidates for this program. No prior technical knowledge in any field is required. Participants are expected to use the yED Graph editor to create RCA+ Charts. A fully operational version of this software can be downloaded on this link:

06 Workshop Curriculum

  • Introduction to Business Innovation.
  • How TRIZ helps in innovation and problem-solving.
  • 9 Window diagram or multi-screen diagram.
  • Resource thinking.
  • Perception mapping.
  • Understanding current situation.
  • Contradictions.
  • RCA+.
  • RCA+ continued.
  • 40 inventive principles for business.
  • Contradiction matrix for business.
  • Evaluation and selection of ideas.
  • Introduction to the case study and expected outcomes.
Frequently Asked Questions:
2 days (8 hours each day)
There are no pre-requisites for attending this training program. Any person wanting to know how to influence and change business processes using Innovation can attend this program.
There is no certification test for this program. Participants to get the QGLUE certificates must submit their responses to the case study within 30 days of the program. Facilitator will be available on email and call to facilitate the same.
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