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In a world of disruption, your Customer is the Hero

We, humans, are hard-wired for stories. We think in stories and narratives. Good Story crafting an experience that evokes an emotional response. They put people at the centre while aligning Innovation with Strategy.
This helps organizations win their customer, their real hero.

Storycrafting for Innovation is about harnessing the power of stories for influence and impact. We enable leaders, teams and organizations to craft strategic narratives that are simple and powerful.

Key Takeaways:

This workshop will explore how well-crafted stories build your innovation narratives.
The session will help you understand how the art of Storycrafting can make complex information memorable and easy to process, appeal to people, evoke emotion and inspire action.
Post the workshop, you can also avail individual mentorship for creating your own innovation stories, our faculty can guide and support you through the same.

Program Modules:

Module 1 :
Module 2 :
Module 3 :
Module 4 :
Module 5 & 6 :

Introduction to Story crafting for Innovation

Frame your Innovation.
Build your Story –

Story crafting Elements and

Build your Innovation Narrative –
Storycrafting across the Innovation
Beyond Just Storytelling –
The Storycrafting Ecosystem
Practice makes it Better –
Live sessions/ Presentations/
Coaching (after 2 weeks)
The brochure will introduce you to the essence of Storycrafting for Innovation and its methodology. It will give you an overview of the program and its structure.
Our program is customizable and can be tailored for your context and desired outcome. Be it functional leaders, technologists, data analysts or individuals, we have something suitable for everyone.
To get a better understanding, you can also access this webinar by Srinivas Peri where he walks you through the How’s and What’s of Storycrafting for Innovation.
Meet your Storycrafting coach
Srinivas Peri combines deep industry experience with strong liberal arts education. As a lifelong learner, Peri went back to school at 41 to broaden his horizons and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, Fletcher School at Tufts and American University.
He has over 25 years of experience working with start-ups and organizations like Adobe, IBM and Finastra, where he has scaled and built high-performance product teams across domains.
He played diverse roles and wore many hats across Business Development, Account Management and Human resources. Built multiple product and competency teams, scaled organizations, created alliances and managed million-dollar accounts.
An active runner, his current involvement with Storycrafting and Mapping The Futures, is in runners parlance a “Second Wind” for him. He is passionate about Technology and Innovation and is a serious history buff. He loves reading about the history of science and technology and particularly the Renaissance period.
Lets craft a story together!

Storycrafting for Innovation

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Bespoke Program
If you would like a customized program for your team, get in touch with us. We are ready to equip your team to innovate better and faster!!

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