Using Design Sprint for Accelerated Innovation


Today’s reality demands innovation and empathy for the customer from businesses. Customers are not only looking for the best service but also the best experience. Design Sprint addresses all pressing concerns and questions and divides insurmountable tasks into smaller doable tasks. Statistics and market research can give you certain insights, but spending time with the end-user, the insights become far more tangible. Failing fast and quickly through prototyping helps you eliminate weak areas. Design Sprint breaks your preconceptions of what a good solution would be and unleashing new undiscovered possibilities. Leading you to a more desirable and human solution.

In this detailed live webinar we investigate and understand the approach for Design Sprint as created by our partners- DSA – Design Sprint Academy – Berlin. We also look at how organisations have applied Design Sprint for digital transformation, strategy, customer focus, and all the more to transform processes using a human centred approach.

The webinar will help the participants to:
• Appreciate the application of Design Sprint approach
• Defining the right challenge to solve
• Re- discover the customer and gain insights
• Understand the synergies between Design Sprint and other approaches for process transformation
• Look at how Design Sprint can accelerate change and transform the culture of the organization
• Understand the process for faster prototyping and testing as part of Design SPRINT.

Webinar Outline
The webinar would cover the following main areas:
• Design Sprint
• Design Sprint approach and tool kit
• Applications of Design Sprint and success stories
• Design sprint Master certification roadmap

This webinar would be useful for:
• Aspiring Design thinkers
• Innovators
• Business and operational excellence leads
• Transformation Leads
• MBB AND SIX SIGMA Black belts


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Using Design Sprint for Accelerated Innovation